To Blog; Or Not To Blog

First of all, if you are reading this Welcome to my first ever Blog. 🙂
This is my first ever post, and will be a brief about my life.

I have been struggling with the decision to start up a blog for about a year now. I am a SAHM and a pretty busy one at that. Having a 3 year old (Bub) and an infant (Boo), things are pretty hectic. Hell, even just with my 3 year old I was off the wall busy. I also have a wonderful Hub who is often away at work. Leaving me to juggle the everlasting events in our household.

The thought about starting a blog started soon after becoming a mother for the first time. Little did I know, babies do NOT come with instructions. Not having the slightest clue what to expect from this wiggly little creature I had created, I took to the good old internet, I stubbled across a lot of great blogs about motherhood. Some very down to earth, some very sassy, and everything in between. Not only have I found a lot of great little tidbits of advice, I have also realized that no matter what life throws at you, your never alone. So why not take those naptimes creeping facebook and instagram, and turn them into a story of my life. Something that I hope other mommas, or even daddies, can relate too.

I am a very opinionated, sarcastic, spirited, strong personality. If any of these traits offend you, I would suggest moving on. I am in no way going to censor my life, or my thoughts on raising children in this lovely world. I would however, love you to come along for the ride and sit back and try and relate. I’m sure there are always moments where we should take a walk in anothers shoes, even for a minute.

I will be writting a lot about the obsticles we as parents face. From the lovely baby days, to the toddlers and tantrums, what lovelife (or lack of) is like after having children, family life, and trying to have a life.

I hope you all enjoy my posts, and please, feedback and comments are always welcome 🙂


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